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Hassle-Free Venturing and Amalgamation

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Ventures and amalgamations can pose both benefits and risks for your organization, and Vihang Adcon can help you take cognizance of that.

Detailed Calculations

Venture establishments and amalgamations also call for special focus on distribution of shares and liquidation of assets and liabilities, purchase considerations, and so on, which we can deal with precision.

Legal Compliances

We have the right resources and experts to take care of various legal formalities when it comes to ventures and amalgamations.

Leverage Benefits

We are your partners in helping your business flourish with the best deals that can prove beneficial to your business both in the short and long run.

Strategic and Qualitative Advisory Services to Businesses

When launching your business or amalgamating to form a new venture, the focus must always be on quality, strategy, and the bigger vision. Therefore, Vihang Adcon focuses its energy and intellect on providing industry standard consultative services to such enterprises so that they can run their business seamlessly and ensure both structural efficiency and end-customer satisfaction through your services. Not just meeting but also exceeding client expectations, Vihang Adcon attempts to be your catalyst for growth.

What Sets Us Apart?

For a company wanting to establish itself as a successful and reputable organization in its sphere, it is important to have a strong strategic backup with the best consultation and advisory services at their disposal to guide them throughout the journey. At Vihang Adcon, we have a team of talented financial advisors, legal consultants and certified business accountants that bring consistent value, brilliant connectivity, and communicative facility to help ensure successful organizations in quick turnaround time.

Frequently asked question:

A few of the many advantages that a joint venture can bring for a foreign company include vertical and horizontal market penetration in collaboration with local businesses, distribution channel connectivity, reduction in costs, globalizing their inventory, lesser risks involved in larger acquisitions, and so on.
From document preparation and submission to establishing synergy and communicative channels between partners, investigating the SWOTs of the partnership, walking through the negotiation for the best deals, conducting company valuation and taking care of legal and statutory compliances, and so on.
Generically speaking, amalgamations can be of the following different kinds – amalgamations in the nature of merger, and in the nature of the purchase, depending on conditions set for the merger itself.

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