Industrial Factory Setup

Improve Every Face of Your Manufacturing Operation

Manufacturing of petroleum industrial plant on sky twilight background, Oil and gas refinery or Petrochemical industry plant with distillation tower

Domain Enterprise

Whatever your industrial niche, you can rely on us to assist you with the complete factory setup and operational kickstart

Long-Term Vision

Your industrial factory setup is going to be one that you can expect long-term returns and a growth trajectory from

Best Practices

We can help shape your industrial unit compliant with the best legal, regulatory, and industrial standards for a seamless experience

Real-World Guidance

Our professional experts offer industry collaboration and insights from real-world experiences to for the most effective consultation

Reinvent your Manufacturing Strategy with Vihang Adcon

Preparing for an industrial factory setup must always come paired with a well-defined and clearly articulated manufacturing strategy. Our dedicated team of experts at Vihang Adcon can help plan this phase for augmented revenue, heightened customer satisfaction and a consistent cash flow, besides minimizing risks of the industrial factory setup phase so that you can project your entire focus towards present operations and future innovations. The seamless industrial setup services offered by our committed team will also help you make key decisions with a renewed empowerment.

What Sets Us Apart?

Vihang Adcon has been in the field for quite a long time now, and our experts have gained all-round experience in helping manufacturing companies take an unconstrained view of what they can achieve. With a highly personalized approach to suit our clients and draw from their strengths amid the competitive spheres, our best-in-class tools help them stand apart and pursue their goals. We also help them achieve targeted excellence in their selected operational areas for maximum output and growth.

Frequently asked question:

Our in-depth lowest-cost industrial factory setup strategy, paired with insightful tips and recommendations about production capacity, plant setup and expansion or planning and operations help industrial ventures make the most out of their present growth opportunities
All our suggestions, insights and assessments are based on a detailed, clear assessment of the present standing of our clients paired with a complete diagnostic of their needs, goals, and way forward
Vihang Adcon helps industries capture the most relevant KPIs and critical aspects of manufacturing, including supply chain, footprint design, plant performance and an integration with digital technologies for the best outcomes.

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