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When a company thinks of moving into a new region or entering a new product area it is one that is crucial. Analyzing the marketplace, selecting and entry methods can build the foundation needed for success prior to entering into a market in another country. VAPL offers the Market Entry Advisory Services to companies who plan to expand or expand their operations in new locations or in INDIA.

We can assist firms with conducting market research, defining modalities for market entry (Greenfield as well as M & A), as well as support in more efficient day-to-day operations on the emerging markets.

Enter Target Markets with Confidence and Success


Market Feasibility Study

Information and in-depth insights for the most well-informed and comprehensive decision-making process.

Implementation & Delivery

Successful execution of robust plans to support clients in their journey of establishing a solid presence in foreign markets

Formulation & Planning

Results-driven planning while keeping in mind competitors, market conditions, best practices and future growth

Monitoring & Evaluation

Complete analysis of progression, feasibility, and evaluation of key strategies for business entry in domestic and global markets

Market Entry Strategy Done Right with Vihang Adcon

Entering a new market offers not just promising potential but also acts as a pivotal moment for companies that want to expand their business strategies, models, financial planning, and operations, and escalate their presence to an all-new level. However, this step is one that presents a unique balance of risks and opportunities, both of which need to be taken together ahead. Vihang Adcon and its team of experienced experts help organizations navigate new territories and the challenges associated with it.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our market entry services act as important tools offering clarity, direction as well insights to companies looking to set new goals and achievements in new markets. Through the seamless integration of data, analysis, and comparison, we help businesses develop and implement a business entry strategy that anchors their presence in new horizons. At the same time, our services enable entrepreneurs and high-level executives take important decisions quicker and more responsibly, to start with a solid business foundation.

Frequently asked question:

Our in-depth and insightful market feasibility study focuses on various aspects such as demography, market size and potential, customer & competitor analysis, rules and laws governing businesses, and so on
The process of formulating and planning the right business entry strategy at Vihang Adcon is a mix of various decisive factors pertaining to various segments – market, legal, financial, and regulatory
Besides getting a deeper understanding of various possible entry strategies and their outcomes, businesses can formulate a holistic plan with fewer risks and greater flexibility when working with us

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