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Offering Confidence and Trust to Companies


Ventures can rely on our services for optimum verification of their cost accounts in complete adherence to their principles.

SWOT Analysis

Instead of letting your weaknesses go unchecked, we present a complete picture of where you are lacking along with the opportunities and strengths you can leverage.

Effective Planning

Our thorough audits are in line with your company’s vision and cost plans, so that you can always keep a tab on your performance throughout.

Positive Outcomes

Our dedicated team ensures that the cost audit ends up driving positive results for your company in the form of competitive advantage, profit growth and cost efficiency.

Why Use Our Cost Audit and Accounting Methods?

At Vihang Adcon, our able team of experts deals with complete solutions pertaining to cost report verification for accuracy and validity, along with frequent tabs on your statements and data through accurate audits. These steps, along with our robust cost accounting techniques, help shape your standing in the highly competitive sphere, augment profit growth and reduce costs of production for an unmatched experience. At the same time, we pay attention to the hidden losses and unaccounted for inefficiencies that often go unchecked during internal audits.

What Sets Us Apart?

The priority of experts at Vihang Adcon is ensuring that your company’s financial health is always optimized for the best outcomes. This means that we are focused on gauging the earliest warning signs and implementing corrective actions so that the necessary way forward can be figured out with ease. Not just this, our experience of working with several types of industries and sectors in cost audits has led us to understand in detail the various nitty-gritties that often go ignored during such processes.

Frequently asked question:

A cost audit refers to the thorough verification of cost accounts to find out any discrepancies related to accounting records, so that all your costing procedures and values are in line with the principles, plans and objectives of the company.
When it comes to cost accounts or records, mere maintenance is not enough. It is also important to conduct routine checks to make sure of the accuracy and truth behind the costs and related services so that there is no room for faults.
A cost audit refers to an audit of the following areas – services, wages and salaries, overhead charges, depreciation, production costs, work-in-progress records such as cost ledgers, work orders, and so on, stock verification, and capacity utilization assessment.

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