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Seamless Gains and Benefits for Industry Enterprises


Highly Personalized Research

Sector-specific initiatives demand a custom approach from industry to industry, and company to company, which Vihang Adcon ensures for your enterprise.

Close Assistance and Detailed Guidance

You can rely on our experts to help you avail both the necessary information and steps to acquire targeted incentives and subsidies with close monitoring.

Alignment with Strategic Objectives

We help you define what your goals and vision for the coming year or years should be, and then fetch the best incentives and schemes accordingly.

Project Conceptualization to Fetching Subsidies

We ensure that each legal and technical compliance due at every stage of your setup and acquirement of incentives is met with.

Eligible Sectors for Availing Incentives and Subsidies

With the Government powering industrial enterprises with a nationwide boost through incentives and subsidies, there are multiple sectors in focus that can draw benefits from the same. Agro-based and allied sectors such as cotton ginning, gum processing, oil mills, grain and spices cleaning and sorting, along with the food processing industry, warehouse projects, textiles and handicrafts, steel and mining, cold storage projects and even housing sector are just some to be offered interesting incentives and subsidies.

What Sets Us Apart?

Despite the vastly competitive scenario that your sector could face in terms of acquiring the best benefits for your growth, we at Vihang Adcon specialize in helping our clients avail enormous and fruitful gains. As a prominent and recognized name in the field of subsidy consultancy, we facilitate the entire process right from conceptualization to shortlisting of targeted schemes, preparation, application and acquirement based on sector-specific initiatives from industry to industry.

Frequently asked question:

Yes, apart from sector-specific incentives for domains such as agriculture, food processing, textiles, handicrafts, and more, we also offer guidance and consultancy services on subsidies and incentives for infra and logistics parks, SEZs, industrial corridors, and so on.
Industrial policy schemes and textile or food processing incentives by states, along with schemes such as tax rebates for tourism sector, capital investment subsidy for textile sector, interest subsidy on agro-processing sector, to name a few, are all sector-specific initiatives.
Our focus at Vihang Adcon is not just to help you gauge which incentives and subsidies you should target, but also how to evolve a strategy around the same, engage with the relevant departments and networks for the purpose, and maintain consistency in terms of leveraging the benefits in the short- and long-term.

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