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Explore Prudent Investment Opportunities with Vihang Adcon

Due Diligence

Helping enterprises review and investigate the various investment opportunities before them through robust due diligence.

Financial Modeling

Complete financial projections for both established and upcoming businesses, such as income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

Business Planning

Developing actionable strategic business plans aligned with the company’s vision and goals for the short- and long-term.

Market Research

Equipping companies with strategic market research and comprehensive information for assessing and validating more market opportunities.

Robust Portfolio Planning for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms

Vihang Adcon helps place the required working capital in the form of Private Equity capital, long-term debts and preference share capital from project to project for businesses. Depending on how financially well-equipped the company is, we help place the capital either with or without premiums. Bringing our deep consultative experience and entrepreneurial instincts to the table, we help evaluate structured deals and the most beneficial investments and acquisitions for private equity and venture capital firms.

Services Offered

From comprehensive due diligence to assist in reviews and investigations of investment opportunities to robust business planning, in-depth financial modeling, strategic market research for the most promising opportunities and marketing services such as planning, branding, customer acquisition strategy, and integrated internet marketing – Vihang Adcon caters to it all. Besides, we also help portfolio companies in planning out realistic exit planning, with due focus on liquidity events for company management and investors.

Frequently asked question:

A market leader in offering PE funding services, what sets us apart is the promise of cost-effective market prices that can help companies maximize their output even with minimum inputs.
We start by shortlisting PE funds that are most well-suited to your requirements, based on our in-depth research of your financials. This is followed up with an understanding of your corporate business plan, pillared on which we derive at the commercial terms sheet and funding closure.
Our technical and financial experts at Vihang Adcon make sure that both the regular and critical functions of your funds, including opportunity screening, due diligence, periodic reporting, business development, and portfolio monitoring do not get affected by any sudden rise or fall in investment activity.

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