Project Finance


Reliable Information and Robust Evidence

Smarter Investments

By managing projects right from their feasibility stage to the procurement, we help ensure that our clients get the best and smartest investments.

Compelling Analysis

Now get optimized project value through our expert perspectives, considering social, economic, financial, regulatory and environmental factors.

Focus on Context

Every project comes with its own set of unique context and requirements, and we ensure that these are considered during financing.

Quality Delivery

Stay ahead of your competitors and meet your strategic goals with our assured delivery and optimum output in your kitty.

Our Project Finance Services at Vihang Adcon

Vihang Adcon’s team of financial and technical experts are always at your disposal to guide you through the entire process of project finance. Our services include loan syndication at optimum rates to keep your pocket protected, financing for private equity and venture capital firms as well as startups, SIDBI and other government institutional financing with full focus on finances, preparation of project reports, appraisals, and feasibility reports, as well as CMS data preparation for a robust structure.

How We Work

Vihang Adcon collaborates directly with multilateral lending institutions and private equity funds, thus securing not just key market insights but also the best deals for its clients. Working round the clock and around the world, we help our clients secure multilateral and bilateral institutional support in case of overseas projects, and government and domestic institutional support within the country. Our target is to help companies achieve technical and financial soundness when it comes to project financing across verticals.

Frequently asked question:

Broadly divisible into three categories – pre-finance, finance and post-finance, project finance involves identification of project plans and associated risks for feasibility analysis, arrangement of finances along with loan and equity negotiations, relevant documentation, and payment, followed by timely project monitoring and closure. The last stage would be that of loan repayment.
Vihang Adcon assures you the best deals on Project Finance with interest rates on loans that will not burn a hole in your pocket. We do this by taking care of all financial aspects from income tax to GST, legal enforcements to regulatory compliances and so on.
If you want to leverage emerging markets and establish your significance there, you cannot let go of experience and expertise in handling your project finances and regulatory frameworks, which Vihang Adcon has to offer.

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