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Industrial Procurement Services for Improved Management


Forecast Sourcing Expenditures

We assist professionals in industrial equipment procurement verticals make accurate sourcing expenditure forecasts for more efficient management.

Advanced Tools

The secret to our efficient equipment procurement service is the combination of advanced tools we use along with professional experience.

Low Volatility

Despite constant ups and downs in costs and prices in manufacturing procurement, a tie-up with us will keep you away from vulnerable market volatilities.

Plethora of Opportunities

Explore business opportunities like never before with optimum supplier management costs that help you make improved purchasing decisions for your establishment

Serving a Variety of Sectors with Equipment Procurement

With multiple end-users divided across industries, geographies, and opportunities in the industrial segment, Vihang Adcon creates sound business and growth opportunities for professionals in varied sectors through optimized equipment procurement services. Paired with the benefits of greater profit margins and improved cost savings, we present these professionals with the best options for equipment procurement based on quality, feasibility, life, and cost, totaling the impact of all factors instead of just the price. This not just presents a balanced overview for decision-making but also speaks about a more holistic judgement.

Trusted by Industry Experts and Veterans

Our long years of service and association with different sectors and industries have led to a most fruitful collaboration, mutual trust and understanding with field experts and veterans, who value our services and rely on them for their operations. Vihang Adcon has a long history of addressing the most relevant pain points of its clients through comprehensive end-to-end industrial equipment procurement solutions optimized for costs, quality, and delivery. This is the reason behind the repute, fame and trust we hold in the market for years.

Frequently asked question:

Direct spend materials and equipment include metals and metal components, fabricated products, plastics, castings, and forgings, along with process chemicals and industrial solvents. Apart from this, heavy equipment materials such as drills, shovels, haul trucks and excavators, along with turbines, pumps and compressors fall under this category.
These services include facility management, equipment, and supplies, along with corporate & professional services, marketing, travel, entertainment, logistics, transportation, utilities, telecom & networking, and IT services. Even computers and peripherals are included in the same category.
Vihang Adcon and its experts always make it a point to identify key pricing elements and pricing models followed by various industry suppliers. This is followed by leveraging in-depth intelligence reports for managing procurement risks across the different verticals, units, and divisions of the enterprise.

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