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PLI scheme offers incentives on incremental sales for products manufactured in India. The first three PLI schemes were approved in March last year followed by 10 new schemes which were notified in November of which six were approved later.

Our End To End Services Includes:

Maximize Gains by Leveraging Investment Incentives


Best Corporate Incentives

Our experts can help you leverage the best benefits, incentives and subsidies for their enterprise depending on their industry and enterprise.

Comparative Analysis

Stay ahead of your competitors by getting access to the best corporate incentives faster, with complete preparation for all due formalities.

Stay Compliant

Work closely with the latest developments in regulations and legal frameworks for effective evaluation and compliance measures.

Communication Support

With strong ongoing relationships with state and central governments across the country, we have an established network for comprehensive support.

Complicated Compliances for Investment Incentives Simplified

Vihang Adcon assists clients of all sizes and sectors to capture the most significant corporate incentives that can give their establishment a solid boost and help them set up or expand their services through incentives and facilities on investments. From negotiations on behalf of companies to tax exemptions, facility bonds and improved financial performances, we assure our clients all-round growth and profits through the most suitable options.

Services Offered

With the government trying to attract Foreign Direct Investments and large Investments by offering incentives to corporates for setting up or expanding their presence in the country, Vihang Adcon helps these companies draw maximum benefits from these offers. The situation is a win-win for both the companies that want to establish their presence in the region and for governments looking to garner more and more investments boosting the country’s economic development. As such, our team of dedicated experts offer in-depth research and repository of relevant incentives, complete assistance in terms of regulatory, legal, and administrative compliances as well as operational assistance for acquiring the incentives at the earliest.

Frequently asked question:

At Vihang Adcon, we cater to complete research, informational and procedural requirements for assisting companies in getting the best corporate incentives suited for their growth.
The Indian economic landscape is changing, and so is the government’s attitude towards corporates. Dwelling on the principle of “ease of business”, this philosophy is proving to be beneficial for those who want to set up business in the country.
The one thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we offer a one-stop solution for all your needs, not limited to investment incentives, but including regulatory and legal compliance advisory and support to investors at all stages.

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