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Innovation in Construction, with Vihang Adcon


Architectural Design

Rely on us to come up with the most aesthetically elegant, functionally compliant, and environmentally responsible space designs

Sustainable Environments

Get expert assistance on designing buildings that help conserve the environment and draw from passive solar architecture principles for maximum efficiency

Technical Detailing

Our team of architectural experts lead the way when it comes to established and innovative working details for projects

Project Visualization

View your conceptualized project in infinite detail with our 3D animation and visualization experts, who can bring your project to life on screen

Architectural Design, Drafting and Modeling Services

With a dedicated architecture design division at Vihang Adcon, our clients down the years have benefited from the eye for detail and inspiration that our experts are known for. Offering comprehensive Design & Documentation services for architecture, our team holds the experience of working on a broad range of residential and commercial projects alike. Add to that the benefits of assured mutual interactions, convenient communications and exchange of ideas and inputs throughout pre-construction stages, and it becomes clear why our services are one-of-a-kind.

Engineering Insights for Robust Construction Practices

With experts from Scan, BIM and various engineering services such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, structural systems, and more, Vihang Adcon is well-equipped to handle your project from start to end. Assisted by a robust team of modelers and surveyors, our team ensures that your building achieves the highest levels of precision as per your intended drawings and models. BIM experts also help regulate construction monitoring activities over the digital medium for faster updates and early detection of key issues

Frequently asked question:

Beginning from the site survey to brief outline, continuing up to concept design and development, getting hold of relevant case studies and standards, forming preliminary and working drafts of the project design, and handling its 2D, 3D and BIM management, Vihang Adcon caters to it all.
Apart from concept-level architectural design development, Vihang Adcon’s experts also offer technical detailing, urban design solutions, engineering services design and coordination, and more - a one-stop destination for all your AEC needs
Our focus is on quality output and timely delivery, because of which we provided optimum training to our experts and employees on team coordination, fast-paced Design-Build construction deliveries and impactful communications throughout the project lifecycle.

Team Members: