Drive Manufacturing Success: Unlocking Central and State Incentives for Manufacturing Units


Unlock Your Potential

Our consultancy service specializes in optimizing central and state incentives tailored specifically for manufacturing units. With our expertise, you can access a wide array of incentives designed to enhance competitiveness, drive innovation, and reduce operational costs.

Strategic Guidance

Success in accessing incentives requires strategic planning and execution. Our consultancy service provides strategic guidance every step of the way, from identifying eligible incentive programs to structuring investment projects for maximum returns. With our support, you can navigate complex regulations and optimize benefits with confidence.

Tailored Solutions

We understand the unique needs of manufacturing businesses and offer tailored solutions to maximize incentive benefits. Whether you're seeking tax breaks, investment subsidies, or infrastructure support, our consulting team will craft a customized strategy aligned with your goals and industry requirements.

Streamlined Processes

Navigating bureaucratic processes can be challenging, but with our expertise, you can streamline the application and approval process for central and state incentives. We handle paperwork, liaise with government agencies, and expedite approvals, allowing you to focus on driving manufacturing excellence.

Drive Manufacturing Success

Central and state incentives offer unparalleled opportunities for manufacturing units to thrive in today's competitive market. By partnering with our consulting service, you gain access to the expertise and resources needed to unlock the full potential of these incentives and propel your manufacturing business towards success.

One-Stop Guide to Centre and State Incentives

Maximizing growth opportunities for manufacturing units hinges on leveraging central and state incentives effectively. Discover how our comprehensive consulting service can elevate your manufacturing business by unlocking the benefits of these incentives.

With every industry now seeing greater encouragement and boost under the government’s “Make in India”, “Vocal for Local,” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” visions, there are several Central and State government incentives providing enormous opportunities to industrial establishments on every front. To help industrial establishments leverage these opportunities for to boost their capital and augment both their profits and avenues of further expansion, 

Vihang Adcon is offering complete guidance and management on Central and State government incentives.

We have Your Priorities Covered

We understand how significant it is for any new or old industrial establishment to get all the benefits and incentives they can for consistent inputs in the form of working capital. Therefore, we try to ensure that such enterprises have all the resources they need. Our results-oriented approach guarantees that we target the best suited schemes and subsidies from company to company, after in-depth research of their needs and goals for the next term or terms. Our structured and systematic work routine has always guaranteed optimized outcomes for our clients and assured gains from subsidies and incentives.

Frequently asked question:

At Vihang Adcon, we are always striving to bring in major benefits to our clients through assured quality and standards of document preparation, representation and coordination across all verticals and targeted departments for smooth and hassle-free solutions.
Apart from the central and state governments and their various departments, bodies such as NABARD, MSME, SIDBI, APEDA, NHB, NHM and MOT-TUFS, to name a few, offer various subsidies and incentives for industrial enterprises and projects.
While researching about subsidies and incentives is easy, choosing which one is best suited for your organization and then proceeding with the legal and administrative nitty-gritties can turn out to be a tough nut to crack. With Vihang Adcon, you can rest assured that these challenges are simplified and tackled with ease.

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