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Helping Organizations Establish Trust and Transparency

Innovation through Technology

Leverage the power of digital innovation and advanced technology with our expert team always at your disposal.

Trust in People

With the power of technology on our shoulder, we also boast of strong human capital including diverse experts.

Quality of Delivery

An assured commitment of focusing on quality in all our operations reflects in the outcomes we produce for our clientele.

Trust and Transparency

Exceeding client expectations with each delivery through impeccable transparency of operations and mutual interactions.

Explore New Possibilities for Value Creation with Vihang Adcon

Vihang Adcon is committed to understanding and assisting your business through its multiple avenues, while also helping you explore new disruptive possibilities through our proactive and innovative methodology. Our wide range of audit and assurance services include financial operations, accounting advisory, risk assurance mechanisms, reporting for corporates and IFRS, IPO- and market-related suggestions, actuarial services, internal audits, capital markets consultation, and more. With the advent and boost to digital currency, we are also making sure that we provide assurance services for clients in cryptocurrency activities as well.

Much More than Just Numbers

Contrary to popular perception, Audits & Assurance are much more about your company’s accomplishments and aspirations than about the figures surrounding these achievements. Starting from insights on your launched, completed, and upcoming projects to determining their feasibility, outcomes and improvements, Vihang Adcon’s Audit & Assurance team deals with all these aspects in utmost detail. As a result, companies can decide better their next way forward, equipped with the best in-depth insights they need for making a sound decision.

Frequently asked question:

Our promise to cater first to a company’s long-term decision-making process and then to their short-term figures translates into a commitment for growth, and not just evidence, which helps our clients rely on us with ease.
Our Audit & Assurance services are indeed a broad umbrella, under which we offer statutory, operational, special purpose and limited scope audits, along with due diligence reviews, assistance with corporate governance, IPOs, employee benefits, peer reviews and litigation services, besides accounting, compliance auditing and restructuring assistance.
When it comes to the corporate world, the independent role of an external auditor like Vihang Adcon can never be stressed enough. We help establish the credibility of your financial statements, regulatory compliances and structural frameworks, besides giving you the window to make necessary amends.

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