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Planning and Implementing Cohesive CSR Policies

Comprehensive Strategy

Using our multiple years of experience in helping corporates and leaders set the right example, we help design CSR strategies, policies and solutions aligned to your business objectives.

Timely Monitoring

Frequent monitoring, evaluation and reporting to assist in the creation of a streamlined workflow that can help you achieve your targets faster.

Realistic Implementation

Catering to private & public sector companies, trusts, foundations and agencies implement their exhaustive CSR strategies and policies for optimum outcomes.

Impact Assessment

Insights from the social and community level on how your initiatives are driving change, rooms for improvements, suggestions, and more.

Designing Programs for Your Social License

Having worked with a range of companies, sectors, and industries across different geographic locations and economic environments, Vihang Adcon can help businesses comply with their requirements under the Companies Act, 2013, while also establishing a robust identity of their own in the social circles. By helping design schemes, policies, interventions, and programs, we help these companies spend consciously towards initiatives that matter. With a CSR compliance team at our disposal, we guide you through the entire lifecycle of planning and strategy to final impact assessment.

Customized, Innovative Recommendations

At the core of our CSR policies or strategies is the focus on our client’s beliefs, virtues, and strengths. We align any or all initiatives with the same value chain, tying it up with the expected business responsibility from their end. The extensive research, experience and network that we have collated down the years has allowed us to bring unprecedented value, deep industry insights, transformative innovation and life-changing initiatives for our clients and their social responsibilities.

Frequently asked question:

First, we begin by assessing how the business’ CSR can be aligned to its vision, objectives, and goals. This is followed by finalized investment options and structuring out a tax-efficient mechanism for rolling out the policy.
We help companies set up a CSR governance and monitoring framework that can delve into deep insights on the CSR initiatives and their status. Through a combination of advanced tools and human resources, we measure your progress in terms of outcomes and impact. This is followed by helping record and share these details for discussion and knowledge-sharing purposes.
Apart from the legal mandates making CSR an obligatory responsibility, a sound initiative from the end of a business can ensure implementation of environmental, social, community, ethical and developmental commitments, apart from establishing healthier business relationships.

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