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Whether you are looking to establish a new sales office, distribution center, or manufacturing facility, relocate, expand, and consolidate existing facilities – choosing a business location is really a far-reaching decision and a commitment for years. Choosing the perfect location is undoubtedly trivial but an intricate endeavor that demands a comprehensive process. We manage your project efficiently and successfully and save time, energy, and resources.

Vihang Adcon advisory for Location, Site selection, and feasibility study help you ensure that we will present you with feasible options that best match your project requirements and ideal location profile. Selecting an ideal location is typically done with a combination of top-notch analytical tools, regional expertise, and a process of elimination. An exhaustive analytical process helps ascertain the strengths, weaknesses and evaluate each location’s growth potential. We ensure that proposed/ shortlisted options are best suited along with your strategy concerning costs, target markets, government incentives, and the ability to provide you with a location strategy to induce extra edge benefit.

Vihang Business Location advisory approach will help you compare possible alternatives and identify the most attractive destination. Vihang Business Location Advisory will address the important question for your search for the best possible site/location.

Vihang Adcon will utilize a mix of primary and secondary research methods, financial analysis skills, and industry knowledge to collect relevant information to execute the study.

Country / State Level Parameters

- Macroeconomic profile
- Infrastructure availability
- Socio-Political environment
- Industrial Investments including FDI
- Ease of Doing Business
- New/ Existing Industrial Centers

Factors of Production

- Availability, facilitation for acquisition and cost of Land
- Infrastructure access and cost – Power, Water, Connectivity etc.
- HR / Skill Availability and Cost
- Government Control, Industrial Policy and Investment Norms

Client Industry Factors

- Raw Material Availability
- Market Opportunity
- Competitor Landscape
- SMB vendor / supplier base
- Ports access, Logistics activity and cost, Transportation providers

Asses the Most Significant Drivers for Business Location & Feasibility



Get the best location for your new or expanding business picked out after a careful assessment of budgetary constraints and best benefits

Growth Flexibility

Your business is bound to grow with your commitment and hard work; leave the reflection of this growth on your asset size and location to us


Keep market expansion and efficiency optimization under full control while deciding on a new business or location

Organizational Transformation

Let us take care of your workforce requirements with the most feasible locations and business future workplan in sight

Detailed Insights and Informed Decision-Making with Vihang Adcon

Before committing funding to an idea or proposed venture, you would want to assess in detail its viability based on both current and future markets. At the same time, whether establishing a new business location or relocating, expanding, or consolidating existing facilities, a location feasibility assessment can help make far-reaching decisions with responsibility. With a long history of providing world-class consultation and advisory services, we are experts in providing tailored solutions for such business needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our location and business feasibility services are tailored for each client, sector, and industry that we work with, and can be broken down into five carefully curated stages of development. Starting from defining your venture’s objectives, requirements, risks, and strategies, we offer pre-selection data collection and analysis for elimination of less-qualified options. This is followed by a thorough initial assessment in terms of business environment, with frequent site visits. The final two stages involve an advanced assessment of location/business feasibility assessment and internal reviews before the final decision.

Frequently asked question:

We focus on every area that matters in the existing and future scenarios for business to business, some of the more common ones including infrastructure, authorities, workforce availability, customers, economic & business environment, costs, and so on
With a vast network of trusted and experience service providers working in an array of industries globally, we offer the best insights and well-rounded data for a more well-informed and strategic decision-making process.
Our primary goal is to align the geographic location and/or business plans with the strategic objectives upon which your venture relies. This includes a sound strategy, marketing planning, operations & supply chain, HR strategy, work plan, taxes and finance, along with corporate real estate.

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