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Leading Consultants for Environmental Clearances


Accurate Scientific and Regulatory Data

To help you stary up to date with the latest regulations and developments on the environmental front, we have formed a repository of relevant, accurate data.

Transparent and Professional Approach

No more opacity when it comes to your actual performance, the factors in or against your favour and the simplest way ahead for a boost.

Specialized Consultants

We have a team of specialists to help you assist with the detailed nitty-gritties of environmental permissions, and their impact on your operations in the long run.

Research and Training

We also help train and guide your team in terms of basic understanding and processes for managing environmental risks on time.

Industrial Environment Consultancy Services by VihangAdcon

From chemical manufacturing to pharmaceutical units, tanneries, distilleries, and textile units to cement plants, waste recycling projects to wood-based industries and more, VihangAdcon has a long history of serving various niches and verticals when it comes to environmental permissions advisory and training. Our prime focus is to help industrial companies and businesses become self-sufficient and well-prepared in the face of adverse outcomes, and always stay upbeat with any latest regulatory updates so that the same can be reflected in their priorities and operations.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are really a one-stop solution for all your advisory and consultation needs when it comes to environmental permissions and clearances. Achieving environmental focus and performance with standards such as ISO 14001 was never easier than VihangAdcon’s professional experts by your side. Besides helping you steer clear of any regulatory mishaps that you fall prey to, we also help you design for sustainability and optimum outcomes, so that you do not have to sacrifice your profits or operations for the sake of compliance management.

Frequently asked question:

Our dedicated team of analysts and researchers focus on collecting all relevant information on not just the latest laws and regulations but also environmental and scientific knowledge to keep your operations in line with the main vision of environmental and economic sustainability.
We can also arrange for occasional indoor air quality studies and standards that you must comply to, along with timely evaluations and efficiency studies and assessments for the best outcomes.
At VihangAdcon, you can expect a personalized approach of work and shared responsibility towards your organization, complete with technical and non-technical support in the form of due diligence reports, evaluations, specialized studies, hazard identification, and so on.

Team Members: