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Effective Project Management from Conception to Completion


Project Milestones

Creating and maintaining key project milestones both for boosting confidence and maintaining a robust structure of implementation

Respect to Constraints

Challenging and innovating upon existing limitations without taking these constraints lightly, so that we are always prepared for the ultimate.

Planning and Coordination

Leveraging our organizational and structural skills to put together realistic and achievable business plans with complete coordination across segments.

Working with Timelines

Without losing out on quality or focus, we ensure that all deliverables reach our clients within the determined timelines for robust project visualization

Vihang Adcon’s Project Management Services for Robust Outcomes

With a team of highly skilled and experienced experts, Vihang Adcon caters to the goals and objectives of its clients’ projects, without devaluing their existing and future challenges. We believe that an organized approach, with adequate emphasis on creating, maintaining, and achieving project milestones, is the sure shot way to robust project management services. At the same time, we believe in taking up any constraints of time, budget, and resources to be able to properly allocate whatever we have in hand. The idea is to transform minimum inputs to maximum outputs.

Robustness and Quality, Every Step of the way

The key pillar of service behind our project management solutions is achieving the goals you have set for yourself. We start by asking questions about the project – the reason behind its initiation, the problem it tries to address, who its various stakeholders are, how the project is aligned to the company’s goals and objectives, and what are time, budget, and technical constraints of the project. This is followed by the establishment of a project plan that keeps communication and quality as its foremost priorities, and the adoption of myriad tools for successful implementation of this plan.

Frequently asked question:

Some of the most important factors to take into account when looking for project management services are what kind of project you are dealing with, and what are its time, budget and technical constraints. Besides, also consider the skills and experiences of the project manager or team in question.
We use both technological and human resources for our project management solutions, deploying dashboards, Gantt charts project scheduling, resource planning, mutual collaboration in person and over the digital medium, time monitoring, activity recording, issues tracking and project reporting for the most optimum deliverables.
Critical Chain Project Management refers to the adoption of a strategy that can accommodate limitations imposed by human resources in the implementation of project management objectives. Every organization must make room for critical project management in their regime, for human errors are quite common and inevitable, and a pre-determined plan of action can prepare you even for the worst situations.

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