Industrial Land Purchase


We help clients identify appropriate factory premises and support them in setting up the entire locality. With a land bank of resources and exclusive tie-ups with the Government, Industrial Estate, Industrial Park, SEZs, Logistics Park, and Warehouse solutions, we have a rich experience of dealing with a diverse range of clients.

Your Partner for Corporate Success

Company Formation and Filing

Get expert assistance in registering your company, right from name application to opening a bank account and everything in between.

Registrations, Certifications and Filing

Leave to us all the hassles of company and branch registrations, acquiring the necessary certifications and getting all filings and licenses in place.

Project Finance

Get all the approvals and sanctions you need for getting projects financed at the right time and with the capital required.

Cost Audits and CFO

Based on your needs, we also cater to timely cost audits under the regulations imposed by The Companies Act 2013 and Rules.

Company Secretarial Services at Vihang Adcon

From assisting in the maintenance of company records to ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and frameworks, our experts at Vihang Adcon offer complete guidance and solutions for all standard financial and legal requirements of your business. You can depend on us for preparing and filing of returns with local registry offices, issuing reminders of accounting deadlines, dissolution and liquidation of dormant entities, scheduling and setting up of meetings and meeting agendas, and so on. 

Financial Consultancy Services at Vihang Adcon

Vihang Adcon boasts of a team of skilled technical experts who can handle all requirements of financial secretarial services with ease. We offer a full spectrum of services including wealth and asset management, capital markets, insurance, banking, and payment compliances and more. Our prime goal at Vihang Adcon is to help our clients tune in to greater cost-effectiveness, focusing their energy on driving innovation and customer relationships, while we take care of risk management, outcome agility and all-round security.

Frequently asked question:

With the various legal and regulatory compliances that companies are bound by, it can become difficult to come up with the best practices for an efficient roadmap. This is where company secretarial services can act as a saviour.
The array of company secretarial services that we provide include, but are not limited to, preparing documents, records, MoMs and structural changes, annual filings, registrations, and compliance assessments, as well as company registration, licenses and approvals.
Ys, Vihang Adcon caters to the complete needs of businesses and enterprises through its company secretarial services. We support our clients through a 24x7 communicative network over the web.

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