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We design the most efficient strategy for submitting and managing your subsidies, incentives, and grants. We customize our services to meet your requirements and offer specific knowledge at any time during the project’s cycle.

We are a one-stop solution provider for Government subsidies, incentives and grants. With you, we design an efficient strategy for the submission and management of your grants and incentive applications. We customize our services to your requirements and offer specific capabilities at any time in the development process.

What We do:

We aid Start-ups, SMEs, MSME and large units in receiving monitoring and executing successful applications for subsidies and receiving the assistance they require. We have a long-standing reputation as a top-of-the-line grant and incentives consultant. We have specialized knowledge of subsidy and know-how. Contact us for a meeting an informal, non-committal meeting!

Check on eligibility under applicable subsidy policy:

We identify subsidy opportunities, define and map project ideas and match realistic subsidy programs to your activities.

Support and hand holding throughout the process

We offer tailor-made support to complement your expertise, such as partner searches, supporting audits and/or inspection visits by granting authorities, training and coaching of project managers, supporting contract negotiations with authorities and/or between project partners.

Application for Subsidy and incentives:

We take care of the application process: delivery of best-in-class proposals, submission of the proposal and guiding the evaluation process.

Project management and reporting:

During the project, we coordinate the project (consortium), take care of technical, financial, and administrative reporting, and follow-up on the progress.

Expert Consultation on all Government Subsidy Schemes


Repository of Knowledge

Get all the information you need on various government subsidy schemes and initiatives to benefit from in just a few steps.

End-to-End Support

We believe in offering the right mix of services to our clients for a balanced approach in terms of gaining access to subsidies and initiatives for optimum benefits.

Single Window Solution

Besides information and assistance with procuring subsidy benefits, you can also get specialized loan syndication, equipment purchase, financing solutions, and more.

Working Capital Solutions

Based on your niche, location, venture, and other factors, we can help arrange the right solutions for working capital requirements by way of cash credit, overdrafts, term loans, and more

Some Areas of Expertise

Vihang Adcon’s dedicated team of experts has been offering services related to the Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme to its clients, procuring for them capital subsidy at 15% of the value of plant and machinery for loans up to INR 1 crore. At the same time, we help theme benefit from Industrial Promotion Subsidy packages for industrial decentralization, NABARD schemes, stamp duty exemption, electricity duty exemption, power tariff subsidy, interest subsidy, energy and water audit, food processing and additional incentives down the line.  

Specific Schemes for Specific Niches

From textiles industries to small and medium enterprises working in specific niches, our experts cater to the subsidy and incentives benefits of all. For instance, we help provide plan support for textiles industries through The Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) in the form of interest reimbursement and capital subsidy. There are also several project loans and finance services for MSMEs including term loans, contract-based working capitals and so on that we can cater to.

Frequently asked question:

Government subsidies and grants can serve as a huge incentive and motivator, especially to small- and medium-sizes businesses that do not have the inherent capacity to work out huge capitals in favour of their operations.
Although these subsidies and incentives are from the government, availing the right choice which you are entitled to comes only with deep knowledge and industry connections, and Vihang Adcon takes pride in serving you with both.
The subsidies and incentives offered by central and state governments are applicable in various sectors and offered by various departments – from agricultural development to MSMEs, textiles and legacy handlooms to automotive, and so on

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