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With promising solutions and strategic insights, we provide world-class advisory and consultation services to business on legal, financial, industrial matters and more. We are offering complete insights and strategies for project Feasibility, with respect to terms of costs, target markets, and government incentives, to provide you with a location strategy designed to drive commercial advantage. 

Setting up a Manufacturing Plant, a Factory in India beginning from scratch requires foresight and understanding to set the right foundation for the future. The most effective savings over time are from increasing efficiency, productivity and security from the very beginning of the operation.

Factory Setup projects usually last for up to a few months. At this point, our experienced project management personnel offer assistance and guidance, while our technical consultants can provide the assistance that is required to meet your objectives.

Explore Your Most Critical Issues and Opportunities



Get tailored consultation sessions based on your needs, strengths, and opportunities for unprecedented growth.

Impressive Agility

Get faster, more flexible, and customizable solutions from experienced management consultants on your road to success.

Real-World Perspectives

Customized experiences led by professional experts who delve deep into industry situations and global outlooks

Strategic Delivery

Improved outcomes that dwell on expert strategies, powered by a robust assessment of the market for your benefit

Sustainable Business Transformation with Vihang Adcon

With an array of clients serving in some of the most complex, technologically advanced and fast-paced global segments demanding constant innovation, Vihang Adcon boasts of reliable, data-driven advisory and consultation services. Our solutions not just directly impact a business’ growth trajectory, but also bring about greater clarity, faster decision-making and, ultimately, improved outcomes. With our services based strictly on the twin pillars of relationships and trust, we aim to deliver results that meet the client’s expectations as well as aspirations.

What Sets Us Apart?

Dwelling upon real-world experiences, we offer the right mix of consultancy expertise and onward-looking advisory for consistent upward growth. Besides a long list of the most suitable models to work with, our professional experts also help our clients access the vast repository of sector experience to derive working solutions. At the same time, we focus on identifying risks and opportunities in your business operations at a very early stage, thus allowing room for innovative thinking to override these challenges while they are still nascent

Frequently asked question:

We have a vast and impressive portfolio of services, and have catered to some major Fortune 500 companies, startups, and leading manufacturing, retail, and commercial companies across multiple industries – healthcare, real estate, construction, finance, and more.
With an overview and experience of working with a phenomenal variety of sectors and industries, Vihang Adcon brings into the picture the ability to identify the best markets and space for business, the right charters for rapid growth and all the relevant information for strategic decision-making.
Our expertise lies in offering the best business consulting & advisory solutions, though we are known for capturing value between the silos of any organization that we work with. Our work history and impact has proved to have a multiplier effect on optimum growth and outcomes for our clients.

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